Custom Pressure Vessel Shells

Helander Welding has the ability to fabricate seamless custom pressure vessel shells through a special hot spinning process. Helander can produce a completely seamless pressure vessel with or without a bottleneck to meet Customer specifications, in stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and other metals.

The maximum dimensional limitations for the tube end closing equipment are a 0.750" wall thickness (depending on material type), a diameter of 9.625" and a length of 70". If you are interested in welded vessels, Helander can accommodate you. Any head that falls under the specifications of the hydroforming or metal spinning capabilities can be formed and then welded to a tube that is either mill purchased or a custom tube made by Helander’s welding department.

Common Applications: Hydraulic Accumulators, Pneumatic Reservoirs, and Gas Storage.

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Click to enlarge5.60” diameter x 12” to 32” long x 0.250” thickness x 6061-0 aluminum vessel. Click to enlargeVariety of parts made on our Tube end closing, automatic spinning machine. Click to enlarge18 gage welded vessel made in both steel and stainless steel. Custom cylinder and cap made in house and GTAW (TIG) welded. Click to enlarge304 s/s 12 gage welded vessel made. Custom rolled cylinder and cap made in house and GTAW (TIG) welded. This part was a certified ASME code vessel per Sec. VIII Div. 1.

Specifications for Custom Pressure Vessels

Capabilities Applied/Processes Hot Tube End Spinning, Welding
Tightest Tolerance (+/-0.003)
Material Thickness From 0.100" Up to ¾" thick
Product Length Up to 72"
Product Diameter Up to 36"
Cutting Method CNC Machining & Saw Cutting
Material Used Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Steel, Copper
Material Finish #4 brush finish
Industry for Use Alternative Energy, Fire, Hydraulic, Military, Automotive
Volume 1pcs to 50,000 pcs
Typical Delivery Time 4 to 12 weeks
Delivery Location International
Standards Met ASME, AWS

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