Helander Welding Services

GMAW (MIG), GTAW (TIG), Soldering, and Automated Seam Welding

Performing aluminum, steel, copper, brass and stainless steel welding and soldering, Helander Welding is a premier provider to several different commercial industries.  Helander works with carbon steel up to 0.375" thickness, aluminum up to 0.750" thickness, stainless steel up to 0.250" in thickness. With 6 different welding processes from which to choose, Helander features cylindrical welding for tubing and pressure vessels, and can accommodate a wide range of welding requirements, with the ability to comply with AWS and ASME standards.

Certified Welding Testing Services Provided by Helander:
In addition to our MIG, TIG, Soldering and Automated Seam Welding Services, Helander Welding is pleased to provide several types of certified weld testing services, including dye-penetrant testing and hydro-static testing. We also provide additional services, including engineering, stamping, and full in-house machining. To learn more about our certified welding testing services or to inquire about our MIG, TIG, and automatic seam welding services, please contact Helander Welding today.

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Click to enlargeVariety of parts that were
welded at Helander Metal
Spinning Company
Variety of parts that were welded at Helander Welding
Click to enlargeLivestock feeder made
out of 16gage 304 s/s 8.75”
diameter bowl
Click to enlargeAssembled brass cone
attached by silver solder.
Both top cone and bottom
are spun on CNC spinning lathes
and the top cone has a rolled
thread with a cnc machined
valve in the middle
Click to enlargeTwo piece assembly. Eccentric
cone with flange is hydroformed
on out of one piece and
tube is GTAW (TIG) welded
on top. 16gage 304 s/s.
Click to enlargeEnd table column, three piece
welded construction polished
seamless with welded studs.
9” od. x 24” height x .075”
thick steel.
Click to enlarge18 gage welded vessel
made in both steel and
stainless steel. Custom cylinder
and cap made in house and
GTAW (TIG) welded.
Click to enlarge14 gage 304 s/s housing,
8.50” diameter x 6” tall for oil
mist eliminator for vacuum pump.
Made with a combination of
metal spinning, hydroforming,
welding and machining.
Click to enlargeFunctional Display for a popular
vodka maker. 304 s/s, 3.5 liter
bottle, with a spigot for
promotional marketing events.
Stand 23” tall x 5” diameter.
Formed using metal spinning and hydroforming.
Click to enlarge304 s/s foundry ladle
with a TIG welded handle.
Click to enlarge26 gage (0.018”) thick
304 s/s tube 3.50” diameter
x 7” height.
Click to enlarge304 s/s 12 gage welded vessel
made. Custom rolled cylinder
and cap made in house and GTAW
(TIG) welded. This part was
a certified ASME code vessel
per Sec. VIII Div. 1.
Click to enlargeAir filtration cartridge,
26 gage 304 s/s 6.25” height
x 4” i.d. Made via CNC spinning
and cylinder/tube welding.

For information on Metal Spinning & Hydroforming services, visit Helander Metal Spinning.