Custom Tubing, Pipes, & Metal Cylinders

Helander Welding custom manufactures metal tubes, pipes and metal cylinders from aluminum, stainless steel and copper using our rolling and seam welding capabilities.

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Click to enlargeRolled and welded perforated  tube
with a spun flange. 304 s/s 20 gage,
7.50” height x  5” diameter.
Click to enlargeRolled and welded 304 s/s
26 gage tube, double flanged and triple grooved. 6.25” height x 3.50” diameter.
Click to enlargeVariety of custom parts
formed from tubing and pipe.
Click to enlarge18 gage 316 s/s ring, beaded on one end and spun in on the other.
12” diameter x 3” height.
Click to enlarge14 gage seamless steel tube formed
via CNC spinning, 3.50” diameter x 4” height.
Click to enlarge13 gage 304 s/s automatic seam welded tube, 12” diameter x 20” height.
Click to enlargeAluminum tube, rolled  and
automatically seam welded, double flanged via spinning and polished to a fine satin #4 finish. 18” height x 8” diameter.
Click to enlarge 26 gage (0.018”) thick 304 s/s tube 3.50” diameter x 7” height.

Specifications for Custom Tubing, Pipes, & Metal Cylinders

Capabilities Applied/Processes Rolling, Seam Welding
Tightest Tolerance (+/-.010")
Material Thickness From 0.018" Up to 0.250" thick
Product Length Up to 72"
Product Diameter Up to 72"
Cutting Method CNC Machining & Saw Cutting
Material Used Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Steel, Copper Brass
Material Finish 2B Finish, #4 brush finish
Volume 1pcs to 50,000 pcs
Typical Delivery Time 4 to 12 weeks
Delivery Location International
Standards Met ASME, AWS

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